Mission, Vision & Values


To be the leading incubator and enabler of new ideas which will make a significant impact within Manatee County through philanthropic investment and the service of members.


To provide funding for those not-for-profit organizations which fill needs within the community that are not now being addressed or are inadequately funded.



  • Stewardship – The highest commitment to meeting and sustaining donors’ confidence regarding investing and distributing contributions wisely always keeping with the values inherent in the mission.
  • Transparency – Adherence to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor Bill of Rights to treat all constituents fairly and ethically and to be above board in all of our dealings.
  • Responsiveness – Strong proactive response to meeting donor needs and requests.
  • Legacy – The Foundation provides donors the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on their life.
  • Integrity – A faithfulness to conduct all interactions with all stakeholders in an honest ethical manner.
  • Trust – Through the integrity of Foundation actions, trust is earned and maintained with our donors and constituents.
  • Accountability – We understand and take very seriously our responsibility to carefully manage and invest every contribution to meet your philanthropic goals now and permanently into the future.