Dear Friend,

It is an honor to serve the community as the Bradenton Kiwanis Foundation President. I have had the opportunity to participate in several Kiwanis leadership positions during my past 37 years as a Club member. Those positions ranged from serving on numerous committees to serving as the Bradenton Kiwanis Club President in 1999 and the Bradenton Kiwanis Foundation President in 2003 and 2012.

During the past 98 years, Bradenton Kiwanis members have had great impact on our community. The community and social influence made by Kiwanis members through volunteer involvement and through critical decisions made to improve the community is inspirational. The dedicated and excellent leadership of Kiwanis Foundation and Club members is long-term, continuous, generous, and deeply meaningful.

Our goal is to continue to impact those young people and those nonprofit organizations that need help the most. Our goal is to increase our Foundation’s endowment in order to provide even greater community impact through financial support to continue to positively affect our community’s most pressing needs.

I know firsthand the need and the opportunity to help make a genuine difference through Kiwanis programs and projects. I am pleased to serve as this Foundation’s President. I am enthusiastically reminded every day of the dedication and generosity of the citizens of our great community. I cordially invite you to join us and share our expectations as together we leave a vital legacy. Help us to continue changing the world and our community one child at a time.


Jack Hawkins, President 2018-2019
Bradenton Kiwanis Foundation

Jack Hawkins, Foundation President, congratulates Immediate Past President, Dr. Steve Tinsworth for his leadership and dedication to the Kiwanis Foundation mission.